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Whipped Cream Tips

Whipped cream despite what some say, is super easy to make! Here are some essential tips before you get started:

Whipped cream can and will double in size.! This Means, if you use one cup of heavy cream, you will end up with two cups of whipped cream. You can multiply or divided the amount of heavy cream to get the amount that you desire, and remember you can never have too much cream!

Equipment Choices: A team fav at nang-a-roo is the old fashion hand mixer to make whipped cream! Many people hate the heavy stand mixers taking up space, so go for the traditional tool.  With a little patience, you will be a pro cream whipper in no time.

Keep it chilled! This is a must, at a  minimum your cream needs to be chilled. WHy you may ask? well, when whipped cream is cold you will find it much easier to prepare. Also, ensure your bowl and beaters are cold as well. Only use a  stainless steel bowl, plastic bowls will lose the cold temperature. 

If you’re in a rush, use a simple hand mixer or blender. Choose a strong stainless steel bowl with a smaller base and longs sides, ensure you place the bowl in the freezer for 15-20 minutes. This way, the cold walls of the bowl will help the cream whip quicker! 

The only ingredient you will ever really need is heavy whipping cream. To ensure the whipped cream taste just right we recommend adding a touch of vanilla and sweetener!

Those who stick to the traditional recipe typically add powdered sugar, but the staff at Nang-a-roo like to use maple syrup due to the hint of delicious flavour. 

Pay attention. 

When you first start blending the mixture, it might not seem like you’re doing much. Then the whipped cream will start progressing from soft peaks to medium to stiff peaks fairly quickly. You’ll learn more about the differences between those textures below.

BONUS: Whip Cream Recipe

Okay so once you have your nang delivery Melbourne cream chargers at your door you are all ready to do some baking! So the team at Nang-a-roo thought we should give away our favourite recipe, as well as some tips, tricks and secrets for homemade whip cream, hope you enjoy.


whipped cream that is homemade is super luxurious, amazing visually, and as delicious as the ice cream from Italy. The best-whipped cream has no strange preservatives or additives, making it what we call at nang-a-roo, REAL whipped cream.

Now if you have never made homemade whipped cream before, it might seem a little scary or intimidate at first glance. However, the team at Nang-a-roo promise that it's super easy to make, in fact, it’s so easy you can do it in under 10 minutes with your eyes closed!


Homemade Whipped cream is so easy to make, you will think about going on master chief after reading our tips and secrets. So before you start here are just a few tricks to get you started the right way

Remember Whipped cream always doubles in size. This simply means, if you use one cup of heavy cream, you will end up with two cups of homemade whipped cream! Remember this tip and you will always make the right amount of cream, but hey making a little extra never hurts.


Start Icey chilled. This is very important, your homemade cream needs to be chilled. This means that the beaters are chilled as well, so is the bowl that you put the cream in. Ideally, you will use a stainless-steel bowl so that the coldness is retained, a plastic bowl will not do this! Why all the coldness you ask? Well, the cream will whip up faster if everything is cold, it’s that simple.


The only true ingredient you need is whipping cream. To make sure your homemade whip cream taste awesome the team at Nang-a-roo recommends adding a little bit of vanilla, just to give it an extra bit of yummy flavour.


The recipe typically calls for powdered sugar in cream, however, the team at Nang-a-roo prefer to remove that processed sugar with honey and or maple syrup. This gives a hint of extra flavour and by using organic ingredients it leaves a better more tasty, healthy flavour in your mouth.


Always be paying attention! When you first start beating your cream it might seem like your doing very little, however quickly you will notice your cream going from soft peaks, jumping all the way to stiff peaks in a matter of minutes. If you’re not paying attention you can overbeat your cream and destroy your hard work. For more info on cream peaks view below.



Soft Cream Peaks

Soft peaks look a lot like semi-melted ice cream. During this stage, the home-made whipped cream is floppy looking but overall has an amazing looking texture. Soft peaks are usually placed on top of desserts and coffee.


Medium Cream Peaks

Okay so if soft peaks look like melted ice cream then medium peaks look more like regular ice cream that has been in the fridge! Normally they will have more defined swirl marks. Goes great with some brownies!


Stiff Cream Peaks

Out of the three, this peak is the most unpleasing visually, they are much thicker and doesn’t have that fluffy look. Usually used for icing a cake or cupcakes 

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